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Ready For Awesome Online Arbitrage Profits?

If you are tired of all those same old leads produced by sourcing software that show up on EVERY lead list, then Emerald is for you. Emerald will help you reach your Amazon goals.

Emerald is aimed at newer sellers on Amazon. New sellers need OA Leads that are affordable, have less competition and ungated. That is precisely what Emerald delivers.

The Profit Mine uses manual sourcing to produce leads. Manual sourcing ensures a good diversity of leads that are often overlooked by software. Less people finding a lead means less competition, more profit and faster sell thru.

List Characteristics

  • $5 Minimum Profit Per Item
  • 30% ROI Minimum
  • 15+ Sales Per Month
  • IP Check
  • Manually Sourced
  • Each Lead Verified by Veteran Amazon Sellers
  • Mixture of Categories
  • No Hazmat/Dangerous Goods
  • 5-7 Daily Leads Monday thru Friday
  • 100% UNGATED
  • Limited to 25 Subscribers


Chasin' Asins is a free list of ten Asins emailed to you each weekday. Each of these Asins is an ungated brand that you can check for approval to sell from Amazon. Just click on the link and Seller Central will open for you to try for ungating. It is literally two clicks....it is easy! Each brand you get ungated in represents more opportunities for profitable inventory. Auto ungating is BY FAR the easiest method to improve your profits on Amazon and its FREE!


Reselling can be a lonely business. When you have a peer group of positive like minded sellers, your chances of success grow exponentially. Our brand new Facebook group will be filled with people just like you. It is a place to share your experiences, to learn and grow. Look for the invite in your welcome email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emerald include shoes and clothing?

The short answer is 'yes' however we limit these leads to around 30% of the leads we push. Shoes and clothing are huge categories on Amazon and represent some of the highest profit items you can source so we include them in Emerald for those sellers who wish to take advantage of this type of inventory. The brands of these items will be available for auto ungating.

What about gated brands and categories?

Emerald contains only those brands that are ungated or can be auto ungated. Auto ungated means a seller can apply to become eligible to sell the brand without having to submit invoices or authorization letters from the brand owner. If you find a brand that is on the list that does require invoices, please send me an email and I will remove it from the list. Brand gating is always changing on Amazon so what was true today may not be true tomorrow for a specific brand.

It is important to note that Amazon makes decisions on a seller's ability to sell certain brands and in certain categories based on the seller's track record. Ultimately, no one can promise you that you will be able to sell a certain brand or in a certain category.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. You receive notices indicating your upcoming billing is imminent. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please do so before your next billing cycle begins. You will continue to receive leads until the end of your billing cycle. If you wish to cancel please do so through your Gumroad email or send an email to jason@theprofitmine at least 48 hours before your next renewal.

Please check all sections of your email inbox thoroughly for your lead information, updates, etc.

Thanks for purchasing! Your leads will arrive as a link to a Google sheet in a subsequent email. Please allow 24 hours for delivery.

Please note that we cannot guarantee you will be unrestricted in all categories and all brands represented on the list. Before making a purchase from a website on the list, please ensure that you are able to sell that item and/or brand on Amazon.

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Emerald Leads List

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